The Ultimate Windows 10 Hardening Guide: What To Do To Make Hackers Pick Someone Else


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Paula Januszkiewicz

It is pretty clear that we have a smart new generation who understand how to get around computer systems — some are doing it just for fun, while others are doing it with a slightly more sinister intent! Then we read in newspapers about these impressive findings done by a young hacker. Are these really targeted attacks or it was just for a good time and by accident he discovered something that had some usefulness. At the same time knowing the areas to be secured, we have a new generation of technology, like Windows 10, that implements a lot of protection mechanisms! What are those mechanisms about and how we can use them to give the hacker the simple response: ‘Do whatever you want but somewhere else!’

During Paula’s session you will learn how to strengthen systems and stop the data breaches that litter the news sites today. Come and enjoy the live-experience presentation with engaging stories and demos!