Hacker’s Perspective on your Windows Infrastructure: Windows 10 Mandatory Check List


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Paula Januszkiewicz

If there is a weakness in your IT security system, wouldn’t it be better to find it before someone else does? What kind of information and how far hacker will get if you leave Windows 10 misconfigured? The worst thing is that even a small scale security breach could leave your business in poor condition and in the end information security is not an IT department’s problem, it is a business issue!

As long as we are aware about the value of the resources to be protected, why don’t we put ourselves into the hacker’s role and perform all the activities they would do as well? Of course it requires some very specific knowledge that may be hard to learn when our work focuses more on creating than destroying, but the results will give us a perspective on what other people with bad intentions can see. Sometimes it is really surprising how often you can use the same paths to enter to the system! Nowadays – with the newest technologies and hardening techniques it is not that easy!

During this intensive session you will become familiar with the mandatory tasks that are performed by hackers or penetration testers in order to check for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. At the same time you will see how Windows 10 implements protection techniques and how hard it to gain information in a way it was possible before. Come and join Paula in the journey to the darker side of IT security and use this knowledge for making good decisions in your system.